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Frozen Squid

Frozen Squids offered by Wiser Foods are perfect pickups to prepare and serve delicious curry on special dinner. It’s quite easy to prepare different types of delicious calamari recipes, whether it’s stuffed, plain, or roasted squids with this frozen seafood product offered by Wiser Foods.


Basa Fish Fillet

Wiser Foods ensure that our frozen Basa Fillets are 100% natural, and completely free from contamination. We rely on IQF technique to preserve this frozen product for a long duration.

Welcome to WISER FOODS

Established in 2012, Wiser Foods is an accredited and prominent firm in the Indian market for the Import and Distribution of Frozen Food and Frozen Seafood. The company strives to provide a wide array of premium quality products to their esteemed clientele from all over the country. Wiser Foods embarked on its journey by procuring top-quality Basa Fish Fillets from various renowned vendors from Vietnam. Today, the firm has cut a wide swath in the competitive Indian HORECA industry. The rising demand for Frozen Seafood in the market has led to the firm extending its products offerings to Norwegian Salmon Fish, Singhara Fish and Tilapia Fish. Furthermore, the firm also enjoys a wholesale-market leadership in the distribution of products such as Frozen Prawns, Frozen Squids, Frozen Lobster and Spring Roll Pastry.


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